About Strictly Bizzness

Strictly Bizzness has been playing for more than 25 years, with more than half of the band being together for more than two decades. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, our live band was built on evoking joy and camaraderie through music.

How We Started

Leon Smith, who came up with the name "Strictly Bizzness", formed the band in 1989 with two other members. We had a vision of performing any genre, from rock and country to jazz and blues, to create our own niche in the industry. With this in mind, we sought aspiring artists who could bring different musicality's to the table. Today, we are considered as one of the most well-rounded, successful musical acts.

Unity in Diversity

Having multiple and contrasting influences was a struggle at first because each member of the band wants to follow a different path for the group. In order to find the true purpose of our band, we gave in to what our audience wanted. Indeed, that turning point in our career empowered us to be the musical powerhouse that audiences have come to know and love. Being brought together by our love for music is something we want our fans to experience as well.


Our love for music has also propelled us to gain recognition. In 2011, Strictly Bizzness was awarded the Best Wedding Band by The Knot Inc.™. Later, in 2013, the Association of Wedding Professionals™ named us as the Top Wedding Band in the Country. In the same year, we were awarded the Top Local Band & Biggest Draw in the Area by VirginiaBeach™ FunkFest Festival.

Meet the Band

Members of the Band

N. Leon Smith
Drums, Trombone, Harmonica, Lead & Background Vocals

Johnny "Rude" Lundy
Bass Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals

Kitty Smith
Keyboards, Keyboard & Drum Sequencing Programming, Lead & Background Vocals

Steve Green
Lead Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Lead & Background Vocals

Kenny "KG" Gibbs
Lead & Background Vocals, Drums, Sound & Light Engineering, Lead Guitar

David Wilkerson III
Trumpet, Electrical Technician, Sound & Light Engineering

Carl Erwin

Andre Stewart
Lead & Background Vocals, Percussion

Eddie Hargrove
Sound & Light Engineering